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WPA Webinar: COVID-19 Pandemic: Vaccines and Response

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

The World Patients Alliance (WPA) will be hosting a COVID-19 educational webinar series throughout 2021. This webinar series is open for attendance to all of the WPA’s 275+ member organizations – each webinar is recorded and made publically available after the event on the WPA You Tube channel and Website. The purpose of this webinar series is to offer educational resources to all WPA members through inviting internationally recognized subject matter experts to speak on different topics relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme ofJanuary’s webinar was ‘COVID-19 Vaccines and Response’. In order to best inform all 275+ WPA members, WPA invited speakers from PhRMA and an international Patient advocate.

Expert Speakers:

Michael Ybarra, MD:
Vice President and Chief of Medial Affairs at PhRMA

Michael Ybarra M.D., FACEP, FAPCR: a board-certified emergency physician and Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs at PhRMA. In his capacity at PhRMA, Dr. Ybarra leads stakeholder outreach on federal and international health policy issues and PhRMA’s internal and external medical affairs engagement. Dr. Ybarra continues to work clinically in the Emergency Department at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Michael Ybarra discusses vaccine development and safety. As a Medical Doctor working in an academic hospital in Washington D.C., Michael has seen, experienced and treated first-hand the impacts of COVID-19. Michael discusses his personal experience as a participant in a COVID-19 vaccine trial and the rigorous processes involved in vaccine development and safety.

The need for vaccine equity and access is in high demand, and Michael addresses the different vaccines being studied in the developmental pipeline to meet these.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid:
Patient Advocate, Social Activist and Pakistani Politician

Yasmin Rashid is currently the Minister of Health Punjab, which is the largest province of Pakistan with a population of over 120 million people. Yasmin is amongst the founding members of patients’ movement in Pakistan and has been very active patient advocate both at national as well as international levels. Yasmin founded Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan and Alzheimer’s Pakistan, which are leading patient organizations of the country. She also established Pakistan Patient Safety Initiative and has been working towards several patient safety initiatives in the country. Moreover, Yasmin is a medical doctor by profession and has also remained Board member of Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Yasmin joined politics as she realized that the real change can not only be brought by advocating and requesting the government but by real activism and taking control as the policy maker. Yasmin has very successfully led Pakistan’s war against Covid-19 and WHO & other international agencies have praised the role of the fifth largest county of the world in controlling the pandemic.

Beginning by describing her journey to become the elected as the first women president of a Pakistan medical association and subsequent positions, Dr. Yasmin Rashid discusses Pakistan’s response and strategy to and for coping with COVID-19 and managing a global pandemic. Dr. Rashid breaks down the Pakistan response regionally and demonstrates the challenges and successes faced by the health system in her nation and the importance of ordinance to combat current and future epidemics.

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Jan 06 2021