Dietary Training in Columna Medica

Healthy diet is important in maintaining good health.  It can also play an important role in preventing chronic diseases, and an overall sense of wellbeing and vitality.  The training was focused on these important issues  and  it was a theme for the meeting.  Thirty participants who went to Columna Medica in Lask Poland, a health resort surrounded by one-hundred-year-old pine treesduring a beautiful fall day in October 2019.  Our focus for the day was how to have a healthy life using diet and exercise.

Kasia Madalinska,a dietician, spoke about the importance of a balanced diet,including the types of food that we should include in our meals each day. Ms. Madalinskashared what we should do while at the gym, laying out steps for beginners and working our way up to a program that we could do as a daily routine to keep healthy.  She also talked about the importance of managing both our daily diet and exercise we do  at the gym or home to achieve the best results.

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