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WPA Statement of Patient Rights on Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Access to Information - World Patients Alliance

1. Right to safe, timely medical care that upholds the standard of care.

2. Right to be treated with respect, with regard for personal dignity, and without discrimination as to age, race, gender, sexual identity, social status, economic status, disability, or medical condition.

3. Right to know the name, purpose, risks, and benefits of the treatments and medications you are offered.

4. Right to be informed of your healthcare status and the plan for your care, in language that a reasonable person can be expected to understand.

5. Right to make your own healthcare decisions, including the decision to decline recommended care.

6. Right to have a family member or supporter present with you when receiving healthcare and to name a person to speak for you at times you cannot.

7. Right to access your medical record upon request.

8. Right to know the names and credentials of the persons providing your care.

9. Right to be treated by healthcare personnel who are adequately trained to provide the services they perform in a safe and effective manner.

10. Right to a healthcare environment that is clean and safe for you and for the persons providing your care.

11. Right to honest, timely and complete information about what has happened in the course of your care.

12. Right to have your opinion heard on the safety and quality of your care.