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Vice President
Dr. Karen Bjøro is second Vice-president of the Norwegian Nurses Organization (NNO) since 2011.
Dr. Bjøro was elected to the Board of directors of the International Council of Nurses in May 2017.
She has represented the NNO at ICN since 2011 and has previously been appointed to ICN task forces as well as the ICN Observatory on nursing regulation.
Dr. Bjøro is a board member of the European Forum of National Nurses and Midwives Associations and World Health Organization European Region (EFNNMA and WHO) that is working collaboratively to strengthen nursing and midwifery in the region. EFNNMA/WHO has developed a European nursing and midwifery workforce strategy.
Dr. Bjøro is the NNO representative to the European Federation of Nurses Associations since 2011. In 2015 she was elected to a seat on the Board of Directors of the European Nursing Research Foundation. She has also represented the NNO on the board of the Nordic Nurses Federation since 2011.
Dr. Bjøro has held positions as associate professor of nursing at the University of Oslo, clinical researcher at the Orthopedics Department of Oslo University Hospital, and chief nursing officer of Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo.
Dr. Bjøro has over 30 years of experience as a nurse. She specialized in intensive care nursing and worked as a clinical nurse specialist at the Intensive Care Unit, National Hospital of Norway.
Dr. Bjøro received her doctorate in gerontological nursing in 2008 from The University of Iowa. She has conducted research in delirium, pain assessment, pressure ulcers and patient safety culture.