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WPA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

4 - 5 November, Dubai, UAE

The vibrant city of Dubai played host to the World Patients Alliance’s (WPA) much-anticipated Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting on November 4 and 5, 2023. This gathering brought together an eclectic mix of global leaders from patient organizations, passionate patient advocates, and dedicated healthcare stakeholders. As the event concludes, it’s time to reflect on the impactful moments and shared commitment to patient advocacy.

A Dynamic Blend of In-Person and Virtual Engagement: One of the standout features of the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was its hybrid format. This forward-thinking approach allowed participants to connect both in person and virtually, ensuring a diverse and inclusive experience that transcended geographical boundaries. It reflected WPA’s commitment to making meaningful engagement accessible to a global audience.

Insights from Distinguished Speakers: The event boasted a stellar lineup of speakers from national and international health organizations, each bringing their unique perspectives to the forefront. The insights shared by Mondher Letaief, Shin Ushiro, Lamya Alhazani, Candace Henley, Christiane El Ferzli, Nicole Sheahan, Kimberly Galia, and the in-house speakers Andrew Spiegel Esq., Penney Cowan, and Hussain Jafri added depth to the discussions.

Exploring Key Topics: The diverse range of topics covered during the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting provided a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities in patient advocacy. From the nuanced ‘Art of Patient Advocacy’ to discussions on ‘Universal Health Coverage’ and navigating ‘Healthcare Emergencies in the Region,’ each session contributed to a holistic understanding of the current healthcare landscape.

Panel Discussions: A Dialogue of Experts: The event’s agenda was enriched by panel discussions featuring healthcare experts and patient safety champions. Anas Noufil, Ken Taneda, Edmund Lau, Areej Saqr, J S Arora, Mecciya Majrashi, Inge Dhamanti, and Regina Kamoga shared their experiences and perspectives, fostering a rich dialogue on the future of patient safety and healthcare.

Leadership Perspectives: WPA’s leadership, including Andrew Spiegel, Penney Cowan, and Hussain Jafri, shared their reflections on the event’s success. Their insights highlighted the evolving role of patient advocacy in a changing world and expressed gratitude for the global community’s commitment to patient-centric solutions.

Celebrating Collaboration and Shared Dedication: Beyond being a meeting, the Asia-Pacific Regional Gathering was a celebration of collaboration, dialogue, and shared dedication to improving healthcare for patients around the world. It provided a fertile ground for forging connections, sharing best practices, and exploring solutions that resonate across borders.

Looking Ahead: As we bid farewell to the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, the echoes of insightful discussions and shared commitment linger. The impact of this event extends far beyond the two days, as the global community returns to their respective regions better equipped and more inspired to advocate for patients.

The World Patients Alliance continues to be a beacon of hope and collaboration in the realm of patient advocacy. Stay connected with WPA for post-event updates, resources, and ongoing initiatives that shape the future of healthcare on a global scale.

Day-1 | WPA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting | Opening Session

Day-1 | 1st Session | Advocacy and Communication

Day-1 | 2nd Session | Fundraising

Day-2 | 1st Session | Patient Safety

Day-2 | 2nd Session | Equity and Access to Healthcare

Day-2 | Closing Session | Asia Pacific Roadmap Development & Members' Meeting (Disease Specific & Regional Issues)

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