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Ibrahima Madougou Moubarak - World Patients Alliance

Ibrahima Madougou Moubarak, a cancer survivor, endured more than 10 years of fighting the disease from 2003 to 2012. His healing in the Kingdom of Morocco was a turning point in his life. Despite the challenges, he continued his studies successfully, marking lightning passages.

Determined to share his experience, Mubarak wrote an autobiographical novel and poems published by the Net de Paris in 2017, entitled “Les Estampilles du Destin", dedicated to patients around the world. This act was a way for him to pay tribute to all patients.

His passion for defending patients’ rights led him to found the Nigerien League for the Fight against Cancer, where he currently holds the position of Founding President. At the same time, as a member of the International Cancer Union advocacy network, Mubarak plays an active role in global cancer awareness.

As a consultant, he shares his valuable experiences related to cancer and is a member of the World Health Organization’s informal advisory group for developing the framework for meaningful engagement of people living with NCD.

His dedication and continued efforts make him an influential voice in the global fight for patients.