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Mecciya Majrashi - World Patients Alliance

Mecciya Majrashi completed her MBA in Total Quality Management in 2012 From University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom and holds a rich 20-year experience in healthcare sectors. She has been appointed as the President of Saudi Patient Experience since January 2022. She is also the part of a team working with the Patient Advocacy Council since 2019 representing a group of individuals committed to engaging with one another, sharing ideas and expanding the engagement of Patient Advocate Leaders in The Beryl Institute community from different entities around the world. Mecciya is also a Board Member at Motaafi (Cancer Survivor foundation) since March 2018 where she helps in developing strategies and extends support to the Executive Board Members for achieving the goals, objectives, and better outcomes. She also helps in preparing for policy Design and Advocacy interlinkages between the Civil Society Engagement Group for Non-profits organization (C20) and G20.

Mecciya believes that she owes her life to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that ensured excellent treatment to all cancer patients and provided care that enabled Mecciya to live and work to her full potential so far.

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