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Mindful Living: NCD Prevention in Europe

The WPA hosted a Euro-exclusive webinar, on Mindful Living: NCD Prevention in Europe, that aimed to address the growing concern of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in modern society and explore proactive measures for prevention and holistic well-being. The webinar took place on April 17th at 3:00 PM CET and featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who shared their expertise on various aspects of NCD prevention.

The event began with insightful opening remarks by Jolanta Bilinska, the Founding Director & Treasurer of WPA, setting the stage for the discussions ahead.

Key Themes Discussed
1. Essentials of Lifestyle Medicine & NCD Prevention: Professor Wojciech Drygas from the National Institute of Cardiology Warsaw, Poland, elucidated the core principles of lifestyle medicine and their pivotal role in preventing NCDs. He emphasized the importance of simple yet impactful lifestyle modifications in the fight against NCDs.

2. Role of Healthcare Provider & Patient Communication: Joao Carlos, a Family Doctor and Co-convener of the WONCA Special Interest Group on NCDs, highlighted the critical relationship between healthcare providers and patients in facilitating effective communication and shared decision-making processes for NCD prevention.

3. Empowering Change: Patient Organizations in Diabetes Prevention and Control: Arnout Wouters, General Manager of Diabetes Liga, shed light on the inspiring efforts of patient organizations in championing diabetes prevention and control initiatives. He emphasized the role of advocacy, education, and community engagement in empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

Audience Engagement The webinar included a Q&A session moderated by Jolanta Bilinska, where participants had the opportunity to engage with the speakers and delve deeper into the topics discussed.

Closing Remarks Andrew Spiegel Esq., Chair of WPA, concluded the webinar with closing remarks, expressing gratitude to the speakers, participants, and organizers for their contributions to the event. He underscored the importance of continued collaboration in addressing NCD prevention strategies in Europe.

Overall, the “Mindful Living: NCD Prevention in Europe" webinar served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing, fostering a deeper understanding of NCD prevention strategies. The event underscored the significance of proactive measures in promoting public health and well-being and emphasized the importance of collective action in tackling the challenges posed by NCDs.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who participated and contributed to the success of this event.



Arnout Wouters
General Manager Diabetes Liga
Arnout Wouters is a seasoned professional in the healthcare sector, currently serving as the General Manager of Diabetes Liga since 2022. With a Master's degree in History Sciences from VUB in Brussels, Belgium, Arnout brings a unique perspective to his role, complemented by an Aggregate in European Studies from ULB, Brussels, Belgium. He has further enriched his expertise with an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Arnout's dedication to healthcare extends beyond his role at Diabetes Liga; he is an active member of the 'Healthcare & Health Steering Committee' of VOKA Healthcare and the 'Patient Empowerment' reflection & steering group. Arnout's contributions to the healthcare sector have been recognized through his participation at the ETION round table on healthcare in 2024. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Arnout continues to drive positive change and empowerment within the healthcare community.
Professor Wojciech Drygas
Professor Wojciech Drygas, MD, PhD, former Head of the Department of Epidemiology, CVD Prevention and Health Promotion, National Institute of Cardiology,Warsaw and Head of the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Medical University, Lodz, Poland is engaged since early beginning of his professional career in research and public health activities related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion . He is combining successfully research in epidemiology, NCD prevention and sports medicine with large-scale public health activities and interventions on national and international area. He is the author or co-author of above 550 peer reviewed scientific papers published in recognized, high rank scientific journals including NEJM, Nature, Brit Med J, Lancet, Am J Cardiol, Heart, Prev Med, Int J Sports Med, Eur J Appl Physiol, Hypertension, Eur J Public Health. In 1989 he has got prestigious award of the International Olympic Committee for the best paper in sports medicine presented at the Olympic Congress on Sports Sciences in Barcelona. Professor Drygas was the creator and coordinator of the Great National Physical Activity Campaign “Postaw Serce na Nogi “(Revitalize Your Heart), innovative nationwide educational media campaign “Mind Your Heart “(2003-2008) and the leader of the “Healthy Stadia” EU Project in Poland. Professor Drygas has been involved in main Polish epidemiological studies related to NCD risk factors and health behaviours including WOBASZ, WOBASZ II, NATPOL 2011 and CINDI Health Monitor. For above 25 years he has been also engaged in the CINDI WHO Programme in Poland and at international scale.
Joao Sequeira Carlos
Joao Sequeira Carlos is a family doctor in Portugal, head of General Practice/Family Medicine (GP/FM) Department at Hospital da Luz Lisboa. He’s also involved in Education and Research with special interest in preventive medicine, social determinants of health, doctor-patient relationship, multimorbidity and healthcare policy and managing. Joao is a former president of the Portuguese Association of GP/FM – APMGF (2009-2014) where he was previously a junior member in the executive board (2002-2008). In WONCA collaborative work, Joao was one the founders and former president of the European Young Family Doctors Movement, previously named Vasco da Gama Movement. Later on, he was the president of Lisbon’s 2014 WONCA Europe Conference. Currently, collaborates on behalf of APMGF as co-chair of the Scientific Committee of Lisbon’s 2025 WONCA World Conference. He also collaborates as co-convenor of WONCA Special Interest Group on Non-Communicable Diseases. Joao strongly believes on the power of family doctors to improve health systems and to inspire transforming policies, acting as community leaders and patients’ partners.
Jolanta Bilinska
Jolanta Bilińska –Director of Development and Social Communication at City Medical Centre dr. K. Jonscher in Lodz, lecturer at High School for Nurses in Kalisz, before at National Health Fund- Lodz, Head of the Department of International Cooperation. Jolanta Bilińska has M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She used to diagnose hospitalised children and teenagers with personal disorders. In early 90”s she started working for regional newspaper – DziennikŁódzki. She published almost 2000 articles concerning medical issues and politics. She was mostly interested in matters relating to patients’ rights and the way they are observed in health care system. She also raised patients’ awareness of the health care system. Since the year 2004 she has performed the function of coordinator concerning European Union in National Health FundinŁódź. Since 2005 she has been the champion leader in World Alliance for Patient Safety. In 2006 she established Patient Safety Foundation. Its main aim is to promote safety measures in health service as well as to involve patients in the process of treatment, The foundation cooperates with the Ministry of Health, WHO officer and another non-governmental organization which are regarding patients’ matters. She is an expert in Public Health from 2009,she was also a IAPO chair of the board from 2015– 2018 (International Alliance of Patients Organizations).


Apr 17 2024


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