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Jean Schoenen - World Patients Alliance

Jean Schoenen, M.D., is a prominent figure in the field of neurology and headache research, renowned for his extensive contributions to understanding and treating migraine and other headaches, as well as for his pioneering work in regeneration in the adult central nervous system. With a distinguished career spanning decade, Schoenen's expertise encompasses both clinical and animal research, with a particular focus on the pathophysiology and therapy of migraine, as well as the study of spinal cord injury models and the effects of cellular and molecular therapies.

As the Honorary Full Professor at the University of Liège since 2013, Schoenen continues to lead the Headache Research Unit, furthering advancements in headache disorders. Additionally, he serves as the Founder and Past President, Secretary of the Belgian Brain Council, demonstrating his commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and advocacy in neuroscience.

Schoenen's dedication to academic excellence is reflected in his numerous scientific prizes and honors, including the Cumings Lecture, Harold G. Wolff Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Headache Federation. He has also made significant contributions to scientific literature, with over 500 peer-reviewed articles, several books, and numerous book chapters to his name.

With an impressive H index and citations, Schoenen's research has had a profound impact on the field of neurology, particularly in understanding the genetic basis of migraine and exploring novel treatment modalities. His pioneering work continues to inspire and inform future generations of researchers and clinicians in the quest to alleviate the burden of migraine and other debilitating headaches.