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Jolanta Bilinska - World Patients Alliance

Jolanta Bilińska is a seasoned patient advocate and the Founding Director and Treasurer of the World Patient Alliance (WPA). With a background in Clinical Psychology, she transitioned into patient advocacy following her impactful career as a journalist covering health issues in Poland. In 2002, Jolanta exposed a critical incident in a renowned hospital, revealing the tragic loss of newborns due to Klebsiella Pneumonia infection. This revelation underscored the need for improved communication between patients and healthcare providers, inspiring her to take proactive measures.

In response to this gap in patient safety, Jolanta founded Patient Safety foundation in Poland in 2006, focusing on promoting safety measures in healthcare and actively involving patients in the treatment process. Her dedication led to significant achievements, including gaining government recognition of patients as essential stakeholders in the healthcare system. Patient organizations, under her leadership, now collaborate with the government on matters of patient rights and safety in hospitals.

Jolanta’s commitment extends globally, as she became a champion leader in the World Alliance for Patient Safety in 2005. Her collaborative efforts span diverse projects, including humanitarian initiatives in Iraq and Afghanistan, briefings in the European Parliament, and international conferences addressing patient safety. Through her role at the WPA, she continues to elevate the voice of patients, ensuring universal access to health facilities, and creating educational resources for citizens worldwide. As a recognized expert in Public Health and the President of the Polish Patient Safety Foundation, Jolanta actively engages in educational initiatives on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), capacity building, and training programs.

Jolanta is the past chair of the International Alliance of Patients Organizations (IAPO). Currently, she works as plenipotentiary Director of Development and Social Communication at the City Medical Centre, Dr. K. Jonscher in Łódź, Poland. She has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She has published almost 2,000 articles concerning medical issues and politics and is interested in matters relating to patients’ rights and the way they are observed in the healthcare system. She is also an expert in Public Health since 2009.

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