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Penilla Gunther - World Patients Alliance

Penilla Gunther is a distinguished figure in European healthcare and life sciences, renowned for her multifaceted contributions. With a career spanning various influential roles, she has left an indelible mark on policy, patient advocacy, and industry collaboration.

Gunther’s journey began with her tenure as a Member of Parliament in Sweden from 2010 to 2018, where she actively championed healthcare and welfare reforms. During this time, she spearheaded critical initiatives such as advocating for a joint strategy for the Swedish life science industry and equal care for breast cancer patients.

Her dedication to healthcare extended beyond national borders, as evidenced by her membership in the Nordic Council and involvement in international investigations, including the governmental investigation on organ and transplant issues. Gunther’s passion for patient-centered care led her to found FOKUS Patient®, a groundbreaking platform facilitating dialogue between stakeholders in healthcare and life sciences. Gunther’s influence continued to grow as she assumed leadership positions, including President of the European Patient Safety Foundation and Vice Chair of the smartCARE EU Project. She played pivotal roles in various organizations, such as the Cancer Mission Board of the European Commission and the All.Can International Public Affairs Working Group.

Throughout her career, Gunther has been a sought-after speaker, moderator, and panelist at prestigious events across Europe. She has collaborated with leading industry players, moderated discussions at renowned forums like the European Health Forum Gastein, and facilitated training sessions on policy and political processes.

Gunther’s commitment to advancing healthcare is further evidenced by her involvement in numerous advisory boards, steering committees, and working groups focused on critical issues such as organ transplantation, rare diseases, and cardiovascular health. Her efforts have been recognized internationally, including being a finalist in the Reuters Events Pharma Europe Awards. With dynamic experiences and a steadfast dedication to improving healthcare systems, Penilla Gunther stands as a beacon of leadership and advocacy in the European healthcare landscape.