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BBC Symposium 2024 - World Patients Alliance

BBC Symposium 2024
Event Organizer: Belgian Brain Council (Belgium)
Event Dates: May 14-15, 2024
Venue: Foundation Universitaire, Egmont street 11, 1000 Brussels

The Belgian Brain Council (Belgium), a valued member organization of the World Patients Alliance, is hosting a groundbreaking symposium focused on advancing brain health through data innovation. The symposium will feature a diverse range of sessions aimed at exploring innovative strategies and initiatives shaping the future of brain health research and policy.

Key Sessions Will Include:
1. Understanding Brain Data Hub: Delving into the Belgian Brain Data Hub and its significance in driving brain health initiatives.
2. Political Debate on Brain Plan: A dynamic debate among political representatives discussing the vision for a Belgian Brain Plan and Brain Data Hub.
3. Advances in Brain Health: Exploring the latest advancements in data-driven brain health research, including insights from leading experts in the field.
4. Insights into Mental Health: Understanding the role of data-driven approaches in advancing mental health outcomes, featuring expert perspectives and case studies.
5. Government and Medical Association Perspectives: Engaging discussions on the European Health Data Space and Data Altruism Organization, with insights from government officials and medical association representatives.
6. Patient Viewpoints: Exploring patients’ perspectives and expectations regarding data collection and usage in brain health, facilitated by representatives from patient organizations.
7. European Brain Council Presentation: Overview of the European Brain Council’s initiatives and the Brain Data Hub initiative.
8. Closing Ceremony: Signature ceremony of the AISBL statutes “European Brain Data Hub," followed by a closing reception.

For More Information: Visit the Belgian Brain Council’s website at www.braincouncil.be.

The symposium will provide a unique platform for stakeholders from across sectors to collaborate and drive forward initiatives aimed at improving brain health outcomes. Through insightful discussions and collaborative efforts, attendees will explore opportunities to leverage data innovation for the benefit of patients and communities worldwide.