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FECMA Meeting on Breast Cancer - World Patients Alliance

The FECMA-UIMP Meeting “The National Health System´s Cancer Strategy and the European Plan for the fight against Cancer: reference frameworks" will be held at the Menéndez Pelayo International University on June 22 and 23 under the direction of Dr. José María Borrás Andrés, Scientific Coordinator of the National Health System´s Cancer Strategy.

FECMA organizes this meeting for the benefits and insight of women on breast cancer awareness.

This meeting covers the following imperative topics:  The benefits of the existence of a National Health System´s Cancer Strategy and European Plan to fight against cancer, Equity in the Patient care and Precision Medicine. Moreover this event also focuses on critical themes pertinent to Breast Cancer such as The  complexity of managing advanced breast cancer, The approach from the patient’s perspective, The quality of life of long-term survivors, their families and caregivers etc.

For details, please visit: https://www.uimp.es/agenda-link.html?id_actividad=65F3&anyaca=2023-24