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Join Community Health And Information Network (CHAIN) Uganda in its campaign to improve hand hygiene in school communities - World Patients Alliance

Community Health and Information Network (CHAIN) Uganda will celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day campaign to improve hand hygiene in school communities. This campaign is part of the WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day (WHHD), which is celebrated on 5th of May all over the world. The

CHAIN’s approach is to empower communities to promote patient safety and health literacy with children being one of the target beneficiaries. The CHAIN organization is the first of its kind in Uganda, that focuses on building patient safety and health literacy knowledge and attitudes through the start early methodology that enables children to learn faster, easily adopt to new practices, and to become ambassadors and change agents at their households and communities. Teachers together with children research on hand hygiene and come up with different presentations / activities – in songs, skits, music, dance and drama – to be showcased to different communities. The objectives of the campaign include strengthening and empowering communities to accelerate action to improve hand hygiene & infection prevention and foster collaboration and working together of people and organizations towards the common goal of minimizing the risk of infections. For more information, please visit: https://chainproject.co.ug/