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Medico-Legal Symposium by Patient Rights Watch Ghana - World Patients Alliance

Medico-Legal Symposium by Patient Rights Watch Ghana

Event Organizer: Patient Rights Watch Ghana

Event Title: Medico-Legal Symposium

Venue: Miklin Hotel Kumasi, Ghana

Event Dates: May 23, 2024

The World Patients Alliance is pleased to highlight the upcoming Medico-Legal Symposium organized by our esteemed member organization, Patient Rights Watch Ghana. Scheduled for May 23, 2024, at the Miklin Hotel in Kumasi, Ghana, this one-day symposium aims to critically examine Ghana’s patient charter with a focus on its justiciability and potential avenues for enhancing enforcement and impact.

Event Overview: The Medico-Legal Symposium presents a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from the medical and legal communities to analyze Ghana’s patient charter comprehensively. By fostering dialogue and collaboration between these two vital sectors, the symposium aims to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement within the framework of the patient charter.

Key Objectives:

1. Critique of Ghana’s Patient Charter: Participants will engage in constructive discussions to assess the effectiveness and applicability of Ghana’s existing patient charter.

2. Exploration of Justiciability: The symposium will delve into the concept of justiciability within the context of patient rights, exploring ways to strengthen legal mechanisms for enforcing these rights.

3. Enhancement of Enforcement and Impact: Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, participants will explore potential strategies and interventions to enhance the enforcement and overall impact of Ghana’s patient charter.

Participant Engagement: The symposium will facilitate active participation and contributions from representatives of both the medical and legal fields. Attendees will have the opportunity to exchange insights, share experiences, and propose actionable recommendations for advancing patient rights in Ghana.

Member Organization’s Commitment: As a member organization of the World Patients Alliance, Patient Rights Watch Ghana exemplifies a steadfast commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of patients in Ghana. By organizing events like the Medico-Legal Symposium, the organization continues to play a crucial role in promoting accountability, transparency, and patient-centered healthcare practices.

Call to Action: The World Patients Alliance encourages stakeholders from the medical and legal communities, as well as policymakers and civil society representatives, to actively participate in the Medico-Legal Symposium organized by Patient Rights Watch Ghana. Let’s collaborate to strengthen patient rights and improve healthcare delivery in Ghana.

For More Information: Visit the organizer’s website for additional details: Patient Rights Watch Ghana

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