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SAID NGO WALKATHON 2024 - World Patients Alliance

World Patient Alliance proudly stands in support of SAID NGO and their upcoming SAID NGO WALKATHON 2024, scheduled to take place in Beirut, Lebanon, on March 3, 2024. This event is a testament to the collective commitment to raising awareness about the impact of cancer on individuals and families, and SAID NGO’s role as a member organization reflects the shared dedication to patient-centric healthcare.

The SAID NGO WALKATHON transcends a mere walk; it serves as a powerful symbol of unity, strength, and support for those affected by cancer. As a member of the World Patient Alliance, SAID NGO contributes significantly to our collective mission of advocating for patient well-being and fostering global health awareness.

Throughout the event, participants will engage in meaningful activities, starting with the touching Opening Ceremony featuring inspirational stories and a heartfelt tribute to those affected by cancer. The “Walk of Life" is a poignant journey symbolizing resilience and hope, with each step echoing support for cancer survivors and their families.

The creation of a “Wall of Remembrance" allows participants to inscribe messages honoring loved ones affected by cancer, visually representing the strength and love within the community. Education and Support Booths along the walk route offer vital information on cancer prevention, early detection, and support services, aligning with SAID NGO’s commitment to empowering individuals through knowledge.

Entertainment activities, including music and dance performances by schoolchildren, add a lively atmosphere, reinforcing the importance of community involvement in healthcare initiatives. Tents featuring craft industries and healthy eating options further contribute to the overall well-being of participants.

World Patient Alliance encourages individuals to actively participate in the SAID NGO WALKATHON 2024, recognizing the event’s significance in promoting community, raising awareness, and supporting those affected by cancer. SAID NGO’s dedication mirrors the collaborative and compassionate spirit of the World Patient Alliance and its member organizations.

To be part of this impactful event, please register here. Your participation will contribute to creating a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.