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VStrong "SHINES" Vitiligo Sun Protection Strategy - World Patients Alliance

World Patient Alliance proudly acknowledges the upcoming event hosted by VStrong Vitiligo Support Community, USA, an 8-hour interactive forum dedicated to sun protective strategies. Set to take place on April 27, 2024, at Carpe Diem Banquet Hall in Detroit, MI, USA, this event promises a comprehensive exploration of various topics, including sun protective clothing, mental wellness, sunburn products, diet, and nutrition. VStrong Vitiligo Support Community, USA, a member organization of World Patient Alliance, takes a proactive stance in fostering community engagement and support for individuals affected by vitiligo. The collaborative efforts of VStrong Detroit align seamlessly with the World Patient Alliance’s commitment to patient-centric healthcare and well-being.

VStrong Detroit has curated an impressive lineup of presenters, bringing together experts from diverse fields to share their insights. Among the distinguished speakers are:

1. Pearl Grimes, MD, The Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, and President of the Global Vitiligo Foundation
2. IItefat Hamzavi, MD, Henry Ford Medical Center, Detroit MI
3. Richard Huggins, MD, Henry Ford Medical Center, Detroit MI
4. Lee Thomas, Emmy award winning entertainment reporter for Fox2 news Southfield, MI
5. Lisa Schuster, PH.D. in Clinical Psychology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX
6. Roger Johnson, Mental Wellness Counselor, Detroit MI
7. Alisha Archibald (person with Vitiligo) President of “"So Rear They Stare"" support group, Atlantic, GA
8. Alicia Roufs (person with Vitiligo) President of VIT Friends, Minneapolis MN

This forum serves as an excellent opportunity for participants to gain valuable insights into sun protective strategies and overall wellness. It brings together a diverse range of perspectives, combining medical expertise, personal experiences, and mental health considerations to create a holistic understanding of vitiligo and related concerns.

For more information about the event and to stay updated on the latest details, please visit VStrong’s official website. World Patient Alliance encourages participation in this insightful forum, emphasizing the importance of community-driven initiatives in enhancing patient support and awareness.