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Dementia Friends Session by Alzheimer’s Pakistan - World Patients Alliance

On November 7, 2023, the Center for Clinical Psychology at the University of Punjab played host to a highly impactful Dementia Friends session, skillfully organized by WPA Member Organization, Alzheimer’s Pakistan.

Led by Muhammad Jafri, the event drew active participation from 84 engaged attendees, reflecting a shared commitment to understanding and addressing the challenges posed by dementia.

Throughout the session, Mr. Jafri delved into the complexities of dementia, shedding light on its profound impact on individuals and communities. The participants were provided with valuable insights into the various facets of dementia, fostering not only awareness but also a deeper sense of empathy for those living with this condition.

An insightful journey unfolded, revealing practical approaches and strategies to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals affected by dementia. This included discussions on creating a supportive environment, effective communication strategies, and ways to enhance the overall quality of life for those with dementia. The interactive nature of the session allowed participants to share experiences and insights, further enriching the collective understanding of dementia and its implications.

The event, beyond being a learning opportunity, served as a catalyst for community building. The shared commitment to creating a more compassionate and inclusive society was evident as participants collectively explored ways to extend support and understanding to those affected by dementia.

Alzheimer’s Pakistan, a dedicated member organization of the World Patients Alliance, reaffirms its commitment to the cause.