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DiaLeb, Lebanon: Promoting Sustainable Health and Diabetes Awareness - World Patients Alliance

World Patients Alliance is pleased to showcase the contributions made by its member organization in promoting patient-centered healthcare and patient-safety awareness in various regions of Lebanon.

Introduction: The National Diabetes Organization – DiaLeb, Lebanon, actively pursued its mission of fostering sustainable health, diabetes awareness, and nutrition education through a series of impactful events in Oct-Nov 2023. These events targeted diverse audiences, including university students, local communities, and participants in the annual Beirut Marathon.

Event 1: Perspectives of Sustainable Health, Diabetes & Nutrition – USEK (10/31/2023): DiaLeb kicked off its November activities with an educational session at the University of the Holy Spirit (USEK). Dr. Jackie Kassouf Maalouf, DiaLeb’s president, engaged with nutrition students, emphasizing the significance of diabetes awareness and education. Dr. Maalouf stressed the crucial role of both community members and healthcare professionals in achieving sustainable health.

During the session, Dr. Maalouf linked the discussion to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), underlining the importance of integrating these goals into healthcare systems. Attendees were provided with educational materials, contributing to the dissemination of essential information.

Event 2: Diabetes Community Awareness (11/7/2023): On World Diabetes Day, DiaLeb collaborated with Modern University Medical Care (MUMC) to organize a community awareness session in Semkanieh, Chouf. This event aimed to reach a broader audience by focusing on community engagement.

The awareness session not only provided valuable information about diabetes but also demonstrated DiaLeb’s commitment to working with local partners. This collaborative effort showcased the organization’s dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond traditional healthcare settings.

Event 3: Diabetes Screening & Awareness at Beirut Arab University, Tripoli (11/11/2023): In collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Beirut Arab University Tripoli branch, the union of municipalities of Dinnieh, and Lebanon Aid Center, DiaLeb organized a comprehensive diabetes screening and awareness event.

The campaign successfully reached over 300 participants, offering free screenings for blood glucose, HbA1C, and lipid profiles. Additionally, medical consultations provided an opportunity to educate the public on diabetes risk factors and lifestyle measures for prevention and management. This event exemplified DiaLeb’s commitment to grassroots engagement and community health.

Event 4: Beirut Marathon 2023 (11/13/2023): Continuing its advocacy for physical activity in diabetes prevention and management, DiaLeb, in collaboration with the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee (LeMSIC), participated in the Beirut Marathon. The organization set up a booth where glucose testing was conducted, and educational materials were distributed to all participants.

This involvement in a prominent community event not only promoted the importance of physical activity but also allowed DiaLeb to interact directly with individuals, reinforcing key messages about diabetes prevention.

Conclusion: DiaLeb’s November events demonstrated a multifaceted approach to diabetes awareness and sustainable health. By engaging with students, communities, and marathon participants, the organization showcased its commitment to holistic healthcare. The impact of these events extends beyond the immediate participants, contributing to a broader culture of health consciousness and preventive care within Lebanon. DiaLeb’s efforts align with the global health agenda, and the organization continues to be a beacon of positive change in the field of diabetes education and advocacy.

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