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Estonian Stroke Patients Society's "Informed Patient" Information Day - World Patients Alliance

Estonian Stroke Patients Society’s “Informed Patient" Information Day

Date: December 15, 2023

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

The World Patients Alliance commends the Estonian Stroke Patients Society, a valued member organization, for successfully hosting the “Informed Patient" Information Day on December 15. This event, tailored specifically for stroke patients and their unique needs, underscored the society’s commitment to providing practical knowledge and support to empower individuals on their journey to recovery.

Objective and Focus: The primary objective of the Information Day was to share practical insights, ensuring that stroke patients are well-informed about the processes involved in accessing necessary services. Recognizing the challenges of navigating through the bureaucratic intricacies after a stroke, the event aimed to provide a roadmap for patients to efficiently reach essential services and gain orientation in their post-illness journey.

Key Highlights: The Information Day covered a spectrum of vital topics, including e-consultation, applying for aids, disability and reduced working capacity application processes, complaint procedures, social and work-related rehabilitation, local government services, benefits, and the pharmacist’s role in supporting and assisting patients. The inclusion of lecturers from state institutions, medical facilities, and collaborative partners enriched the discussions with diverse perspectives and expertise.

Member Organization’s Contribution: As a member organization of the World Patients Alliance, the Estonian Stroke Patients Society exemplified its dedication to improving patient outcomes by organizing an event that directly addressed the practical needs of stroke patients. By focusing on information dissemination, the society demonstrated a commitment to ensuring patients and their caregivers have the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the post-stroke journey effectively.

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Call to Action: The World Patients Alliance encourages the continued efforts of member organizations like the Estonian Stroke Patients Society in organizing events that empower and inform patients. By sharing practical information, these initiatives contribute significantly to enhancing the overall patient experience and fostering a more patient-centric healthcare system.

In Unity for Patient Empowerment, World Patients Alliance