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Managing people with chronic diseases in the work environment - World Patients Alliance

The Platform of Patient Organizations (POP) and Malta Health Network (MNH) are committed to the full labor inclusion of people with chronic diseases. Through an ERASMUS+ funded project a guide titled “Managing people with chronic diseases in the work environment" has been developed. The guide aims to highlight the situation of people living with a chronic disease and their effect on full labour and social inclusion. Moreover, the guide also aims to inform and appraise companies and users on the impact of chronicity on employment and the needs of these patients.

In Europe, one in three people aged 16-64 have a long-term chronic disease or health problem.

Living with a chronic disease generates an emotional impact on patients and requires adaptations in the workplace. For more details visit https://www.maltahealthnetwork.org/managing-people-with-chronic-diseases-in-the-work-environme