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March for Colon Cancer: SAID NGO Walkathon 2023 - World Patients Alliance

WPA member Said NGO organized March for Colon Cancer: Said NGO Walkathon 2023 on 5 March 2023 to advocate for active life and early screening to secure protection from Colon Cancer. The Walkathon attracted more than 1K participants from all ages and walks of life.

The event was broadcast live on various radio and tv channels as well as social media platforms.  The goal of this Walkathon was to create mass awareness in Lebanon against the perils of Colon Cancer. Imperatively pertinent messages were conveyed to the people from all ages and various regions of Lebanon. People learnt that March is the Colon Cancer Awareness month and color Blue is worn to mark it. By joining the walk people relieved the taboo of Cancer and learnt to participate in constructive activities for securing protection against cancer or any other disease. Eligible participants were also invited to benefit from the free FIT.

For details please visit: https://saidcrc.org/