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Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan: Workshop on Prevention and Treatment of Thalassaemia - World Patients Alliance

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan: Workshop on Prevention and Treatment of Thalassaemia

Location: Auditorium Pead’s Department, Services Hospital, Lahore

The World Patients Alliance proudly acknowledges the commendable efforts of its member organization, the Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan (TFP), in collaboration with Services Hospital Lahore, for organizing a one-day workshop on the “Prevention and Clinical Management of Thalassaemia." The event took place at the Auditorium Pead’s department, Services Hospital, Lahore.

Objective and Coverage: The workshop, facilitated by distinguished resource persons including Prof. Dr. Jovaria Mannan, Dr. Shabnum Bashir, Dr. Adil Akther, Dr. Naveed, and Dr. Hamza, focused on providing a comprehensive overview of thalassaemia. The key areas covered included the diagnostic aspects of thalassaemia, its effective management, iron chelation therapy, blood transfusions, metabolic bone diseases associated with thalassaemia, and preventive measures.

Audience and Participation: The workshop witnessed active participation from a large number of doctors, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and insights among healthcare professionals. This engagement demonstrated a collective commitment to advancing expertise in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of thalassaemia within the medical community.

Educational Impact: The workshop served as an invaluable opportunity for doctors to enhance their understanding and skills related to thalassaemia. By delving into various aspects of its diagnosis, management, and prevention, the event contributed significantly to the continuous medical education of the participants.

Certificates Distribution: At the conclusion of the workshop, certificates of participation were distributed to the attendees. This recognition not only acknowledged the active involvement of the doctors but also emphasized the importance of their ongoing dedication to staying informed and skilled in the field of thalassaemia.

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan's Contribution: As a member organization of the World Patients Alliance, the Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan exemplified its commitment to addressing the challenges associated with thalassaemia. The collaboration with Services Hospital for this workshop showcased the federation's dedication to sharing knowledge, fostering awareness, and improving the overall care and support for individuals affected by thalassaemia.

Call to Action: The World Patients Alliance applauds the Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan for its proactive efforts and the collaborative spirit demonstrated in organizing this impactful workshop. We encourage continued initiatives that contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge, patient care, and the prevention of thalassaemia.

In Unity for Patient Advocacy, World Patients Alliance

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