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Ruth Nankanja Mukiibi - World Patients Alliance

Ruth Nankanja Mukiibi is a mother of three children and a Ugandan citizen living with sickle cell disease. She holds a B.A (Education) degree from Makerere University and is currently a resident of Kibone, Ssanga Village in Wakiso District. Ruth is also a Founding Director of Sickle Cell Association of Uganda. She has, over the years, participated with the core national planning teams of Ministry of Health namely, technical working committee for non-communicable diseases; The national sickle cell steering committee where she worked on the National Health policy, Health sector strategic implementation plan, National Anemia policy and strategy. She also helped in reviewing the training manuals and clinical guidelines to consider Sickle cell issues. Below are some references to her professional experience:

• Founding Director of Sickle cell Association of Uganda (SAU) for last 23 years now. Sickle Cell Association of Uganda has so far reached out to more than 20 districts in Uganda and has a vast membership of patients and caregivers.

• Board Member at The Academy for Health Innovation, Infectious Disease Institute representing community perspective.

• Board member of the School of Biomedical Sciences Research and Ethics Committee, Makerere University Kampala.

• Member technical working committee for non-communicable diseases Ministry of Health Uganda (MOH).

• Member National Anemia Working Group MOH.

• Member National Steering committee for Sickle Cell Disease, MoH

• Representing the Association at community activities to enhance the organization’s community profile.