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Edmund is a Psoriasis and Legal Advocate, Guest Speaker, Senior Business Consultant, and Associate Lecturer with various international universities and tertiary institutions on multiple continents.

Despite the multifaceted challenges of being a psoriatic disease patient, Edmund is also a lifelong learner advocate and possesses the following qualifications:

• LL.M (International Law) from the University of Lincoln, UK (Candidate) with a vast interest in International Human Rights Law and International Environmental Law.

• Master of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, Australia (Candidate)

• MSc (Facility and Environment Management) from UCL (University College London), UK

• MSc (Environmental Science) from SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

• MBA (International Business) from Oklahoma City University, USA

• BCom (Information Systems) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia

• Specialist Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring for Workplace Learning from Nanyang

Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic

• Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing and Analytics from Singapore Polytechnic

• Specialist Diploma in Digital Business from Republic Polytechnic

• Stanford Executive Programme in International Management from Stanford University, USA

Psoriatic disease is a chronic autoimmune condition that results in the rapid build-up of skin cells. While the physical manifestations of the disease are evident, the condition also has other less visible implications, including psychological, emotional, and social effects. More than 60 million people are living with psoriatic disease worldwide. In the psoriatic disease international community, Edmund has joined IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Association) in the national, regional and international patient advocacy events, patient engagement and research activities.

Edmund always believes in creating an international unified voice and platform from which to advocate for the needs and rights of people with psoriasis or other diseases worldwide.