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Nabihah Haron - World Patients Alliance


Nabihah Haron is a programme specialist and advocate with over 9 years of experience in non-profit organizations. She is an expert in public health research, outreach, stakeholder engagement, mobile apps, health literacy, and event management. Nabihah’s best achievement is championing a mobile health initiative for the early detection of oral cancer and improving health literacy on non-communicable diseases for underserved communities through digital health and partnership. She has successfully completed 6 public health research projects and 10 publications.
Currently, Nabihah is advocating for kidney health and the management and treatment of kidney disease. She is a passionate advocate for evidence-based research and public policy advocacy initiatives. She is also a skilled communicator and facilitator, and she is able to build relationships with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds.

Nabihah is a dedicated and passionate advocate who is committed to making a difference in the world.