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The Association HEMA for help and support of patients and caregivers with hematological diseases in collaboration with WPA marked the WPSD by organizing a virtual event and social media campaign in Macedonia. The social media campaign was run on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube channel, TV stations and other electronic media. WPA promotional posters and banners on WPSD were translated into Macedonian language and posted on the social media channels every day during September.

The key messages focused on creating an enabling environment for safe and respectful maternal and newborn care, building a competent and sufficient health workforce to provide safe maternal and newborn services, and speaking to health care workers on how can safety risks be reduced during pregnancy and around the time of childbirth. There was a very good response from our community, patients and caregivers shared the posts on their private social media channels, helping to raise awareness about WPSD. This event was also promoted on the National TV- SITEL TV with the guest appearance of Mirjana Babamova, program manager for HEMA.  Please follow HEMA’s social media channels at the links below:




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Sep 17 2021