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National Incontinence Day - World Patients Alliance

Incontinence has a devastating impact and is a problem that affects 5 million people in Italy, 60% are women, just think of the many aspects that can be affected: “social, psychological, professional, family, physical, school, sexual, sporty and economical”.
Not to mention the high social costs produced by incontinence, 2.5 billion euros. Incontinence is the ultimate “medical taboo" and the feeling of lack of control over bladder and/or sphincter function, and the mere thought of giving off bad smells compromises the person’s self-esteem, who is convinced that they are a burden to society. In Italy, by law, the National Day for the prevention and treatment of incontinence has been established, which takes place every year on 28 June. The “Day" represents an event for patients, to disseminate the different problems and carry out free visits

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